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Chicago Pneumatic CP2003 SCREWDRIVER – SO

CP2003 CP2003 – Compact & lightweight for light assembly applications Benefits Compact & comfortable for production operations Reliable & Accurate

Chicago Pneumatic CP2005 SCREWDRIVER – SO

CP2005 CP2005 – The Most robust & durable Pistol Benefits Accurate & reliable clutch Ergonomic handling for Operator comfort Durable

Chicago Pneumatic CP2007 SCREWDRIVER – SO

CP2007 CP2007 – The Most versatile in-line shut-off Benefits Ideal for continuous operation s Reduce time during rework Excellent accuracy

Chicago Pneumatic CP2008 SCREWDRIVER – SO

CP2008 CP2008 – Accurate & Durable Benefits Ideal for multiple applications Perfect use for disassembly Features Accurate & durable Shut-off

Chicago Pneumatic CP2010 SCREWDRIVER – SO

CP2010 CP2010 – High productivity Benefits Ideal for intensive operation Reduce time during rework Faster cycle time Features Accurate Shut-off

Chicago Pneumatic CP2012 SCREWDRIVER – SO

CP2012 CP2012 – Productivity improved Benefits Ideal for multiple applications Fast cycle times for productivity Ideal for centering screws during

Chicago Pneumatic CP2136 1/4″ HEX IMPACT SCREWDRIVER

CP2136 CP2136 – Compact, fast & easy to use Benefits Compact & Lightweight Low air consumption for a better efficiency

Chicago Pneumatic CP2141 1/4″ HEX IMPACT SCREWDRIVER

CP2141 CP2141 – Compact, fast & easy to use Benefits Compact & Lightweight Low noise level for operator comfort Excellent

Chicago Pneumatic CP2611 SCREWDRIVER – SO

CP2611 CP2611 – Productive & Accurate Pistol Shut-Off Benefits Perfect for various moderate to intensive assembly line Versatile thanks to

Chicago Pneumatic CP2612 SCREWDRIVER – CUSHION

CP2612 CP2612 – Very Compact, Comfortable & Versatile Benefits Excellent for a variety of MRO applications Fast with 1,700 rpm

Chicago Pneumatic CP2621 SCREWDRIVER – SO

CP2621 CP2621 – Easy high Torque setting for various accurate types of assembly Benefits Ideal for moderate to intensive assembly

Chicago Pneumatic CP2622 SCREWDRIVER – SO

CP2622 CP2622 – Productive, Accurate & Comfortable Benefits Excellent for moderate to intensive assembly line Productivity thanks to high speed